DIY Advice

DIY Advice

If you are undertaking your own landscaping, we can provide expert advice on any issues, whether it be for just one aspect of your landscaping project or the whole operation.

Part of our extensive service to our customers is the provision of ‘do it yourself’ plans and budgeting schedules.

We provide you with all the information you need to implement your design from the plans and particulars that we provide, so that you have all you need to follow through to completion.

If you have an open space or garden that you’re not sure how to landscape, we can discuss your ideas with you and come up with a plan that will suit both you and the space you want to create.

We can oversee any project whether it be large acreage estates or a personal home spaces, all with the same dedication to provide our customers with the special features or particular look that they require.

Because we have such wide experience in all kinds of landscaping requirements, we can provide project managers with the right experience and skills to look after your project to ensure it’s in line with your plans.

Our staff are up to date with the latest technology and computer programs to provide growth projections and 3D models to give you a comprehensive visual display of your design.

We can provide you with a cost effective package that is uniquely designed to suit your particular needs.