How to remove a tree stump

There are many companies which provide a tree and stump removal services due to it being quite a professional job to do and the normal people can’t do this easily. On this post, we are going to teach you that how can you complete a full tree and stump removal in an easy way. There are quite different ways to do this job but people mostly prefer safe and effective methods and doesn’t want any kind of surprises at all. It’s a time taking process, so be patient.

Drill holes in the stump

First, cut the stump as much as you can and then drill 1-inch holes around the perimeter of the stump about 12-inch. Deep and 3 to 4 inches back from the edge. It is a truly professional method to remove a stump, drill more holes 3 to 4-inches down from the rim at approx. 45-degree angle to connect with the other holes. this will allow the vent holes for burning or help the rotting process.

You can remove the tree stump by buying or taking a stump grinder on rent. Another thing can also be done that you can buy a can of stump remover which contains potassium nitrate. This chemical solution will speed up the rotting process. You can simply pour the granules into the drilled holes and then fill them water. By doing this, the tree stump will become spongy after approximately 4 to 6 weeks. One must take precautionary measures if they are using this method, please keep kids and pets away from this place. After such weeks, you can easily cut down the rotten wood with an ax.

Another effective but pretty method to remove tree stump is to burn it. It’s a labor-free removal method which includes the pouring of kerosene or fuel oil (Don’t use gasoline) in to the holes. Wait for a while, so that the fuel gets down to the drilled holes. it may take weeks then light it up with a match and the burning process will start by doing this. But by using this method of stump removal, you may create an unattractive place in your garden area or where the stump is placed.

Tools and Materials

The following tools are necessary to complete this task…

  • Safety glasses
  • Corded drill
  • 12-inch bit extension
  • Extension cord

Drill or Driver can be used instead of a corded drill and a 1-inch spade is recommended in this case. The stump remover should be available as a material. The tree stump removing is a difficult job to perform, so it is recommended that one should hire a professional one to complete this task. As this work contains so many precautionary measures to be taken and the professionals are fully trained for this job. There are many of the cases where people tries to remove their tree stump and damages a lot of things in their garden area and most of the time they use burning the stump method.

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